Unity Glass Ceremony

"The symbolism behind the Unity in Glass Sculpture is rich.  With its solid form and upswept arms in an eternal embrace, the glass crystals from your wedding are forever protected and beautifully displayed as a lasting symbol of your love.

Each custom made sculpture stands 11-12 inches tall and is signed by the artist Lee Ware." 

Officiant: “Up to this moment  Groom and Bride have lived their own individual lives, their  milestones, their celebrations,  passions and dreams. 

But today is a new beginning as Groom and Bride will become husband and wife, and are together creating a new life joining their unique personalities and spirits together
Symbolically during this ceremony they are creating something unique for just the two of them in their wedding vows and marriage”.

 Groom and Bride have chosen colors of glass that represents each of them in a special and unique way". 

This is a one of a kind Unity Glass Ceremony like no other.

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