The Breaking of The Glass Ceremony

Officiant: “There have been many stories explaining the breaking of the glass. 

For those of us here today, it serves to remind us of several very important aspects of a marriage.

That we all here at this celebration consider these marriage vows as a loving irrevocable act, just as permanent and final as the breaking of this glass is unchangeable. It serves as a reminder of the sanctity of marriage, and that the love of the bride and groom should last for as long as it would take to make the glass perfectly whole again.

It also symbolizes the transforming experience that marriage creates, leaving the bride and groom forever changed”.

Officiant: “In a moment, groom will break the glass s
ignifying the end of the ceremony and the time for celebration".

Officiant places covered glass on the floor and after the couple is declared to be wife and husband, and groom kisses his bride, groom steps on the glass with his right foot

Family and Friends then all shout together. “Mazal Tov”

For more information on this meaningful ceremony please contact me at: or Cell phone: 210-279-5520

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