As an Officiant I understand that my couples often have a budget with their wedding day festivities.--the wedding business is a multi-billion dollar industry.

I was asked by a couple a few weeks ago why I charge what I charge for my weddings as I “Just show up with a little black book for 10 minutes and then leave”.

Please let me explain about the time that It takes to when I first meet you until you both say those wonderful words “I Do”! and after.

The initial complimentary meeting and “Getting to know one another” can last from 30 to 45 minutes. We then start the crafting of their wedding ceremony once the contract is signed.

This may take anything from 45 minutes to 1 hour. Reading and going over the beautiful ceremonies that I have to offer.

I advise on where to obtain their marriage license with advice on the time frame from the purchase to the date I file it at the appropriate Court House.

Once the couple leaves my house I start the process. Designing the wedding of their dreams. This takes time.

Cutting and pasting from my master copies to create their own individual custom made wedding ceremony.

Creating a file for the couple to contain all of their information for their wedding.

Writing a “Thank You Letter” to the couple on beautiful stationary. Posting the letter by regular mail the next day.

E-Mails, telephone calls, cell phone calls which is ongoing ~ and I must say I love every minute of it ~ to answer any concerns that the couple may have.

My driving time and gas to and from the rehearsal (if any) and the ceremony.

Advertising: This is a biggie. Today most brides are internet savvy and how glad I am.. Advertising cost have gone up 40% or more on the best sites. My website costs money for me to have a dependable one. My potential brides (and grooms) want to see what my services are. They want to read any reviews that I have from past weddings.

I office out of my home at this present time but there are still office expenses, 3 ring binders, telephone costs, several website membership dues, paper ~ computer and custom made wedding stationary ~ , computer cartridge ink, postage including Registered Mail for the marriage license to be sent once it is signed to the appropriate court house. I pay dues for my Officiant membership. And let’s not forget Uncle Sam taxes.

These costs will vary from Officiant to Officiant and from State to State.

I have been researching and writing ceremonies for years and have large 3 ring binders for my wedding ceremonies including, Unity sand/candle ceremony, Tying the Knot, Presentation of the Roses etc.

I encourage you to invest in a Professional Wedding Officiant. One who is seasoned in handling the little things that might occur. 

I encourage you to do your homework. Yes price is important but check out reviews. "This" is your wedding day. A day of love and celebration. One of the happiest days of your life. I want nothing more for all of my couples to have a wedding ceremony that will stay in their hearts for many many years to come. 

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Christobel E.

Phone: 210-279-5520 


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